Michael O'Ryan is a Canadian composer & musician residing in Berlin.

Widely travelled and well-versed in many genres, he can call upon a
wealth of experience in the music business, film, and television.

Michael has worked with many exceptional artists, such as Nina Hagen,
Bela B., Lee Hazelwood, Alphaville, 3. Generation, Lula, and Jasmin
Tabatabei. He enjoys working with creative individuals, and is highly
respectful of their needs. He was a member of the successful Berlin band
Chinchilla Green, and is intimately acquainted with all facets of the
music industry.

As a composer, he has written the music for numerous television shows,
advertisements and films. He is well aware of the intricacies of having to
satisfy the demands of directors, production companies and sponsors. He
places great value in listening carefully to his clients' wishes, and enjoys
the challenges of sorting out intricate opinions in a calm, harmonious

A multi-instrumentalist, programmer, and sound-designer, he plays guitar,
bass, keyboards, and "anything else he can get his hands on." He works in
his own studio in Friedrichshain. He is a member of the Nina Hagen Band.

He loves his job.

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